My personal projects and ventures.

Chief Coordinator

Zwierciadła Theatre Festival, Lublin

I was the chief coordinator of the XVI Lublin Theatre Meetings „Zwierciadła” - the biggest and most recognizable youth theatre festival in Poland.

  • I've successfully led and managed a team of over 150 volunteers.
  • I've dealt with multiple sponsors and business partners.
  • I oversaw the creation of social media, press and print material.

The edition led by me was a show-stopper and attracted an audience of over 1000 spectators.

Card cover

Member of the Committee for Digitization

Uczelniana Rada Samorządu Studentów AGH

  • I am solving the current problems of university Students' Council using modern technologies including React, Koa, Electron, TypeScript and PostrgreSQL.
  • I've implemented solutions used by the whole university community including an advanced customer relationship management system.

There goes a man

Short film (13 minutes), 2019

Military Organization FAR aims to create and train an artificial intelligence that develops free will. I was the editor and co-director. While editing this film, I proved my skills of surgical datamoshing.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

Short film (5 minutes), 2017

Year 202X. Each country of the new world is obliged to present one dance floor. The winning nation will become the leader of the Union of States of the New World.

More projects

A web-based video glitcher

Easy and accessible video glitching in the browser, built with React and a lot of low-level byte manipulation.